The Letter


Written by little g, for Eunice


I wrote a letter to your Soul

and left it for the post.

I stamped it with the hand of God –

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

“Dear Soul,” it said, “the years are gone,

the hours all have fled.

Each morning in the dawn sunlight

I pray for all the Dead.

“I cannot count You with that Crowd –

those Ones who made their peace,

submitting finally to Fate,

agreeing to their decease.

“This prayer I make is special, then,

to One who would not die,

to One who gave His Life for you

that death might pass you by.

“That One is your Companion now,

your Lover, Friend, your Life,

He knows Your Courage as I do,

my Captain, Queen, my Wife.”

For those who weary of this time,

and these succeeding days.

Look to the One who would not die,

and to the Heavens gaze,

as all the Saints and Martyrs rouse

and make a Holy Shout.

Today the letter’s been received,

and death has been found out.


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