Written by Lija Geller


Everything that never was fills me up
and I find myself floating,
belly up in the river.
I let the water become me,
feeling no separation between myself
and the sweet pine water that surrounds me.
The sky is blue and vast, framed by the green of trees
that find root in the river bank.
In this space I’ll stay forever.

I’m careful not to sink down within the tide
because in that space everything changes.
The unknown folds in and fear of what will happen
when my foot grazes the river bottom
gnashes around in my chest.

This space of floating imitates my soul’s true nature.
There is love in between skin and wave,
between retina and sky.
The spaces between are deeply connected,
woven together in time and space.
In these spaces I inhale,
exhaling to build a more solid framework
for these memories.


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