The Word-aholic

Written by little g.


A construct
of words and fragments, movable,
it’s a special game…
it’s portable.

It goes with you on your daily round.

You say the words silently
several million times,
rewrite in between.

Once it’s done it can weigh
a couple of tons.
You need some help now
to carry it around
when a couple of muscle-brained drovers
right out of the Old Testament come along
and haul it up to the mountain-top,
where an angel with wings
floats down out of the clouds and says
she doesn’t know what it means.

Just the punctuation alone can take decades.

2 Responses to “The Word-aholic”

  1. Val Boyko

    As I read this I noticed first the constriction in my hands and the clenching in my jaw. As I read further I tensed up around my heart and I held my breath. My mind started to race with thoughts about this state.
    And then I exhaled and shook off this burdensome controlling energy.
    It was time to let go… And find myself once more.
    Moments like this are such learning opportunities.
    Thank you for sharing it!



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