Johnny heads East on a Dolphin with some Rock Gods

Written by little g.


So Johnny he doesn’t drink no more or chase girls neither he sits
in his easy chair a sheet of paper on his
lap staring just staring until he sweats it out or the right word
finally comes it’s always a word about you

what he’d really like to be doing is just loving you instead yes you
like before when he had the world wrapped up he had it all
wrapped up it came apart in his hands I guess he wouldn’t mind
just leaning back into it right now and ripping off a lead like the
thunder of the gods like a message straight up from the highest
firmament like the great ones from before
Clapton Beck Page Yardbirds all

instead it’s time for Johnny to start thinking about Bowie again
primary addiction of his youth gone but not forgotten
not ever not even Johnny still don’t know what
he was waiting for he knows he’d like to be down
the Jersey shore on a moonlit night in the summertime
on the beach alone with dolphins on the horizon he swims
out to them his hand on their slippery backs and when
they make a right turn so does Johnny he’s a rebel rebel
he starts heading east, east, always east

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