Individuals Connect and Communities Heal

Written by Theresa Tobin Macy, LMT, RYT500


We certainly have a lot to learn from the properties of fascia and how it functions as a metaphor of how to live our lives. This may seem like an obscure concept and perhaps a bit bold. But is it so far-fetched to believe that the inner workings of our wholistic bodies, an intricately woven architecture of form and function, does not hold an abundance of valuable information and guidance?

Fascia connects the individual and the community.  A bold, but true observation. Perhaps I am over-glorifying this beautiful, iridescent, fluid, adaptable, flexible, communicative and very sensory network that TOUCHES and unifies every part of our body, connecting every cell and every system in our body.

Let’s look more deeply. It is overflowing with receptors skilled in the art of deep listening, interpreting sensation, and clear communication. It stores energy, information and matter. It is a gliding system of flexible support that stabilizes in search of a constant state of equilibrium. It resists and adapts to change. It absorbs and distributes force so a load is carried together and tension and compression is balanced. It separates leaving space for individuality and unites our body community.  It holds memories and experiences, the body’s wisdom. It is elastic, pliable, yielding, and resilient. It is beautiful, iridescent, glistening, hydrated, and nourishing. It is fluid, graceful and moves with ease.

When it is unhealthy, it sticks and restricts, loses its flexibility.  Messages become confused, fluids become thick and congested with resultant pain and dysfunction. It creates patterns of compensation struggling to perform at its best and restore health.

But this is the quality that intrigues me! It has the ability to deform and reform based upon REQUEST without judgement, nor prejudice.  But rather, based upon the load it is requested to carry.  It does not judge the load, but simply listens to the request.  It adjusts to support and stabilizes in its search for that constant state of equilibrium. Then develops patterns to integrate that support… not because it deemed the request as functional or dysfunctional, but simply a response to the request.


So, what is being requested?  We ask, it delivers. Consider it Done! But, referring back to old computer jargon “garbage in, garbage out,”: if you sit at a desk all day – it will support that posture. Get up, move frequently, maintain ease and it will support that too. The beauty and the beast. These requested patterns are written into our fabric, communicated to every part. But just because we requested the pattern, does not mean it serves us.  Or perhaps it did serve a purpose when the pattern was formed, but that job is finished and no longer serves. The thing about patterns is, they become so much a part of us we do not see them anymore. Until the patterns create discomfort, unrest, and dis-ease. The communicator begins with a whisper, but we are too busy, distracted by the getting things done, overloaded with multi-tasking details, refusing to stop even for a minute to listen to the deep voice inside ourselves. It calls for our attention a bit louder, but still we do not listen. Then it screams and every day is painful and the search for help begins.

So, this beauty and beast’s ability to deform and reform based upon request leaves us responsible for our situation, reminding us that our own personal decisions and choices led us here. When did the listening stop? Where did this pattern begin? Why did I ask for it? I created this place with my choices and my decisions. Some helpful, some not.  This reality that my situations are completely of my making, is a lot of responsibility and simultaneously empowering.  I did this! It is a result of my requests.  I can request something different!  It deforms and reforms based upon request. All it takes is a clear understanding of what my hearts truest desires are, a conscious well thought out request and time.

How would life change if we TOUCHED everyone in our life?  If a hug, replaced a smirk? If a hand of compassionate support is placed on the shoulder of a friend, a student, a neighbor in need?  If we connected? If we were graceful, fluid, iridescent? If we glistened and shined?  If we were skilled in the art of sensation and communication both internally and externally? IF HEALING TOUCH AND CONNECTION WERE ABUNDANT?

Reach out and TOUCH someone ~ connecting hearts and hands, creating a peaceful community.

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